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Training course in public relations and communication for Imetal Group -Algeria Group

The activities of the training course started in the field of modern trends in the management of public relations and communication organized by the Arab Iron and Steel Union in Cairo.

The program aims to provide the participants with basic information related to the nature and concept of public relations. It also aims to develop communication skills and develop their performance in their practices of their various activities. The course deals with:
• The concept of public relations function and its role in achieving the goals of the organization.
• The organizational status of the Public Relations Department and its relationship to the administrative organization.
• Developing the skills of a public relations man in achieving effective communications inside and outside the organization.
Effective means of communication.
• Interpersonal and interpersonal communication skills.
• Follow-up skills of the media.
• Skills of solving the problems of workers with clients
• Models and patterns of customers and audiences
• Learn about human behavior – the human personality and its components.

The field of training is a major goal of the union, which aims to increase the capabilities and expertise of human resources, including engineers and technicians in the field of iron and steel industry and its development through various training programs organized by the union in the technical, organizational and administrative fields.

The union has implemented a number of training courses in cooperation with Arab institutions and organizations, which have benefited thousands of workers in major steel companies in the Arab world.


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