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Arab Steel Summit

The conclusion of the 13th Arab Steel Summit

The work of the annual conference of the Arab Iron and Steel Union (the 13th Arab Steel Summit) was concluded today under the title “The Arab Steel Industry Beyond 2020” in Amman, Jordan. 220 participants from Arab and foreign steel companies, including rebar producers, flat plate and steel pipe producers, participated in this conference. technology equipment suppliers, consultants, analysts and major investors.

And the presence of some ambassadors and representatives of the ambassadors of Arab countries and under the patronage of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply – the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Dr. Tariq Al-Hammoury, who confirmed that the Steel Summit constitutes an important initiative to meet the challenges facing this industry, which is witnessing increasing growth.

He added, at the opening of the summit, that the industry faces many problems and is greatly affected by political events and protectionist measures, noting that the steel industry in the Arab world helps to employ about 15% of the total workforce, in addition to helping it to raise growth rates significantly.

The President of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, Mr. Awad Al-Khalidi, said in his speech that the Arab steel industry, since its inception more than 40 years ago, has taken tangible steps, as it witnessed a growth in long-form steel products from about 5 million tons to more than 60 million tons at the present time, and there is no doubt that Hopes and ambitions expand for more growth and development to keep pace with the global development in this important industry. We in the Arab Iron and Steel Union believe that the strength of this industry lies in building its own capacity through launching large partnerships capable of growth, competition, development and overcoming the difficulties and challenges facing this industry.

The Secretary-General of the Arab Iron and Steel Union stressed the need to exploit the capabilities of Arab countries in establishing joint Arab projects such as iron ore pelleting to cover the needs of steel factories in Arab countries in light of the presence of rich iron ore mines in Mauritania and Algeria and the need for producers to pay attention to the future of the industry beyond 2020, which will witness the completion of many major projects in the Arab countries.

During the opening of the conference, Eng. Ahmed Ezz, Chairman of Ezz Steel Group – Arab Republic of Egypt, was honored, the iron and steel industry man for the year 2017.

And Mr. Awad Al-Khalidi, President of the United Iron Industry Company (Kuwait Steel), the iron and steel man for the year 2018.

On the summit agenda, a special workshop was devoted to the iron and steel industry in the Kingdom, to be held tomorrow under the title “The Saudi Steel Industry between Present and the Future”, due to the importance of the role the Kingdom plays in the steel industry and its successful future vision in this industry.


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