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Arab Steel Summit

The conclusion of the 14th Arab Steel Summit

Today, the annual conference of the Arab Iron and Steel Union (the 14th Arab Steel Summit) was concluded in Tunis. 250 participants from Arab and foreign steel companies, including rebar producers, flat and steel pipe producers, technology equipment suppliers, consultants, analysts, and major investors, participated in this conference.

In addition to the presence of some ambassadors and representatives of ambassadors of Arab countries and representatives of ministries under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, Mr. Salim Al-Faryani.

The President of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, Mr. Awwad Al-Khalidi, indicated in his speech that the instability of the global economic conditions and the increase in the supply of iron and steel products require more support from government departments to issue the necessary legislation to protect this strategic industry. He praised the positive measures, legislation and procedures taken by countries The Gulf Cooperation Council and some Arab countries.

He urged iron and steel companies and factories to seek to develop production processes and focus on reducing the cost of production and capital expenditures, and cooperation between Arab factories and companies among themselves, as the new rules governing the global economy no longer allow for unilateral action, but rather require unification of efforts and the establishment of strong economic blocs that give more impetus. The wheel of development and competition.

He said that economic and industrial cooperation between Arab countries, especially in the field of iron and steel industry, has become

It is a necessity and not a luxury at the present time. Perhaps the desired dream of integration between Arab factories and markets will one day be realized.

In his speech, the Secretary General of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, Dr. Kamal Joudi, stressed the need to exploit the capabilities of Arab countries that have achieved rapid growth over the past years to meet the increasing demand for these steel products, especially in the building and construction sector.

The steel companies continued in this way until the Arab markets began to witness a state of gradual self-sufficiency in the traditional steel products, with the completion of the largest grass-roots projects in the Arab countries nearing completion.

He pointed out that the task of exporting is one of the solutions capable of absorbing the surplus of this production capacity, but this task is one of the most difficult tasks faced by any industry. Customs exemptions for raw materials) or indirectly through the services of government samples in various logistical services, transportation…etc.

Despite the slowness of Arab governments in setting up mechanisms to help Arab companies, we are betting on the ability of Arab companies to withstand and develop, as some companies were able during the last period to confirm their presence in a number of export markets, despite the fierce competition that the steel markets are currently witnessing.

During the opening of the conference, Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Malik al-Faqih, President of the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, the iron and steel industry man for the year 2019, was honored.

The most distinguished companies in exporting the final steel products were also honored, and Ezz Steel Company came in the first place. The award was received by Mr. Hassan Nahwa, Managing Director of Ezz Steel Company, and Qatar Steel Company came in second place. The award was received by Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Hajri, Managing Director and General Manager of the Company. Qatar Steel. The Emirates Steel Company came in third place, and the award was received by Mr. Jumaa Al-Mansoori.

Emminal Algeria was honored and the award was received by Mr. Tarek Bouslama, President of Emmetal Group, as well as Mr. Salim Feriani, Minister of Industry and Tunisian Small and Medium Enterprises. The award was received on his behalf by Mr. Kamal Ouslati, Director General of the Ministry of Industry.

At the conclusion of the conference’s activities, the Secretary-General said, “We got acquainted with the reality of the steel industry in the Arab countries and the ability of many Arab companies to export despite the fierce competition in foreign markets.”

A number of research and investment ideas were presented that are aimed at developing the iron and steel industry, whether they are raw materials, technology, or final products.

In addition to many working papers that show the ability of companies and research centers to cooperate in the Arab world, especially in mining in Libya, Mauritania, Jordan and Tunisia.

He said that we should all not wait for governments to take the initiative to take decisions of cooperation and partnership, but rather we should be the owners of the initiative, and we will work as a union to study all the ideas and proposals presented at the conference so that we can meet next year with real partnership projects at the Arab Steel Summit 2020, which will be under The slogan of integration, cooperation and the Arab steel industry in the month of November 2020, God willing, in the city of Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.


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