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The opening of the industrial innovation laboratory in Oued Semar in the capital city of Algiers

The Minister of Industry Ferhat Ait Ali Braham supervised this Thursday in Oued Samar in Algiers, the inauguration of an industrial innovation laboratory “Fab Lab”, which will enable innovative youth and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and subsequently integrate into the national industrial sector through innovative products.

The minister explained that this laboratory, which is located at the headquarters of ALRIM, is an institution with shares and specializes in the completion of equipment and iron installations, the subsidiary of IMETAL, aims to create real wealth based on innovative projects.

Accompanied by the Minister of Professional Training and Education, Hayam Ben Freiha, the Delegate Minister to the Prime Minister in Charge of Small Enterprises, Nasim Diyafat; the Minister of Industry highlighted that the capabilities available at ALRIM, have been placed at the disposal of the Industrial Innovation Laboratory “to enable these young people to realize their projects in the sector.” Industrial and integration into the national market after developing and manufacturing their products.

The Minister of Industry indicated that this initiative was issued by the Minister Delegate in charge of small enterprises, stressing that the goal of this industrial laboratory is to attract actors who have perceptions that include large percentages of immediate integration and to provide innovations to reach the achievement of products needed by the national industry.

The minister added, “There are equipment and skills that allow harmony and direct partnership, and even future contracts, to achieve integration and complementarity among those involved in this path.


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