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State Company for iron and steel accomplishes 85% of the mechanical works

State Company for iron and steel, a company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, announced the completion of (85%) of the mechanical works in the reheating furnace of the rolling mill within the rehabilitation project.

The general manager of the company, Abbas Hayal, mentioned in a statement to the media office in the ministry that after the Turkish company Yubi Holdenk completed all the civil works at the rehabilitation site of the rolling mill, the staff of the General Iron and Steel Engineering and Technical Company began to implement the work of installing the equipment in the cooling bed and the reheating furnace for the transfer To the other stage in the same furnace, which includes the work of laying pipes, refractories and electrical works, while the work of erecting production line equipment and erecting the main engines of the masts in addition to the hydraulic works and the central lubrication system and the rehabilitation and maintenance works of the old bridge cranes continues.

It is noteworthy that the State Company for Iron and Steel has contracted with the Turkish Company Yubi Holdenk to implement a project for the rehabilitation of steel manufacturers and rolling mills and their engineering services for the production of rebar with high capacities.


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