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“Tosyali Algeria ” complex, great efforts to protect the environment

Logistical programs and systems to reduce the proportion of solid dust in the air

Filter pipes, water pumps, bulldozers, green spaces and high fences to prevent the spread of dust

Tosyali iron and steel complex in Bethioua is making great efforts to protect the environment and workers and protect the residents of the Shahriya area, which is 300 meters away from the production units, from the risk of solid dust pollution, as the company is working to develop heavy technical techniques in the system of collecting dust from mining units and the activities of iron production units And on iron scrap that contains a large proportion of rust through emerging projects that entered into service and are still under development in order to reduce the largest proportion of iron dust in the air.

The newspaper “El-djomhouria” visited the day before yesterday, Tosyali, as part of a special invitation aimed at communicating information and clarifying some of the problems that arouse the discontent of the Shahriya residents who complained about the pollution resulting from the production units, while Tosyali did not deny this, considering that no such factory can be empty. Waste, however, it affirmed its great interest in this aspect and the top priority it attaches to protecting the environment and workers in the first place, and thus taking all measures to prevent the spread of dust outside the perimeter of the production unit and reduce it to a percentage that exceeds 70 percent at the present time.

20 employees for dust recovery and recycling

The company «Tosyali» embodies 5 important programs to condition iron dust and prevent its spread and volatility in the air and work to recover it and reuse it again. For this purpose, technical team of 20 employees working throughout the day have been allocated to watch the success of the mission, which were manifested in devices, huge tubes, fans to absorb dust, and high-capacity filters to extract air and dust.

The technical teams are working on developing and updating these logistical systems gradually, as the devices work to clean the quantities of dust resulting from iron activities and this is in parallel with the continuous production processes, and their tasks are to retrieve and collect dust first through manual means of 6 rigs, 3 tractors, and two tanks to spray water and 3 Garbage trucks, operating throughout production hours to collect dust, and the process is an important part of the dust removal and collection phase, along with other systems.

By operating huge pipes, fans and filters to collect dust in parallel with mining operations, as these systems operate according to advanced technologies that reduce the quantities of steel dust resulting from iron activities by trapping, collecting and preventing them from spreading in the air, especially with the presence of wind, and these programs will be strengthened in the future with a weather observatory to determine the direction of the wind in order to determine its period of operation.

Interest in afforestation

We also stopped during our tour to learn about the iron dust extraction and prevention systems that Tosyali uses to protect the environment in the first place on the huge water pumps that spray the floors and locations of iron metal from the recovered water and treatment that Tosyali uses in the production processes to reduce the volume of water consumed. These tubes work to help spray water, especially when there is wind, and thus prevent dust from flying into the air. We also noted the interest of Tosyali Company in the green cover, which we initially thought was to add an aesthetic aspect and decorate the perimeter of the units. However, the official of the Media Cell, Mr. Bouabdallah Boutiba, revealed that green spaces have a great role in protecting the environment from iron dust, as field studies were launched by specialized institutions in order to determine the type of plants and trees that are suitable for the nature of the soil and help limit the spread of iron and steel dust within the vicinity of the production units, and in this regard palm trees were planted, which clearly succeeded because the soil was salty due to the presence of marsh in the area, in addition to shrubs Cypress and other plants that absorb dust and limit its diffusion into the air.

The fifth project to protect the environment from dust is to build high walls of up to 5 meters in length, and they look like giant walls as if you are in a tall castle. It prevents the spread of dust due to its unique geometry and characteristics.

During our tour around the production units, we noticed that the quantities of scattered iron dust are limited to the vicinity of the production units specialized in mining and the sites of scrap iron, surrounded by active workers to trap and collect iron atoms with special machines, and the systems that operate around the clock play a large and important role in dust containment and recovery, which greatly protects the environment and the citizen from any pollution caused by iron and steel production units with Tosyali complex.


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