Egypt: Developing El-Nasr for forgings production lines to provide railway equipment

On Saturday, Engineer Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of the Public Enterprises Sector, made a surprise visit to El-Nasr Company for Forging Industry, affiliated with the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector.

During the visit, the minister followed up on the work progress within the company, the extent of devotion to the standards of quality, occupational protection and safety, the various maintenance programs, the spare parts availability for operating equipment, and marketing and sales methods. Commitment to the production contracts’ timing and the industry inputs necessary provision for the company’s work during a period to ensure production continuity.

The ministry said that Eng. Mahmoud Esmat inspected various production wards, including the heavy and light road wards and the free road, in addition to the heat treatments, stamping, finishing, chain manufacturing, lasers, spare parts, and inventory wards.

The ministry stated that he had reviewed the project receipts to replace natural gas with diesel and directed that the plates should be closed tightly and that there should be fixed numbering of the parts and a review of their ability to withstand work in dangerous places.

The ministry confirmed that he listened to a detailed explanation from the operating officials present about the company’s work plan and the contracting parties and the importance of this industry in forming steel by free methods to provide railway requirements and car parts, Lorries and tractors. In addition to the spare parts needed for cement, sugar factories, and land reclamation works.




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