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SMS group supplies Korean company YK Steel with a factory for rebar production with diameters of 10mm-35mm

Korea’s YK Steel has commissioned SMS group to supply it with a new integrated small smelting and rolling mill plant, including all electrical and technical systems, instead of relocating and upgrading an existing plant, initially planned for the end of 2021. This means that it will take advantage of the latest technologies being delivered and put in place. Production will start in 2025 at the Dangjin company site.

This strategic decision to build a new plant emphasizes Daehan Steel’s growth plans to become one of the market leaders in the country with YK Steel in the rebar manufacturing sector. The new plant project aims to achieve more sustainable production with lower operating costs.

YK Steel plans to use a 115-tonne electric arc furnace and Aura® charging system, which is powered by 100% steel scrap and will produce billets 150 mm thick, at a casting speed of up to four meters per minute thanks to the proven CONVEX mould technology.

The cast billets are transferred to a final rolling mill with a production capacity of 140 tonnes bars per hour. The rolling unit consists of 18 new sleeveless supports and an innovative water cooling system to control the rolled stock temperature and cooling.

YK Steel will use the new plant to produce rebar with diameters ranging from 10mm to 35mm.

Products will be sold in lengths from 6 to 12 meters with a maximum weight of 450 to 550 kg and in large bundles weighing up to 2 tonnes.



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