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Manadjim El Djazair – Manal Spa announces a partnership request to develop and exploit gold mines



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N° 002 /2023

Process in two (02) phases


Subject: Search for partners for “the creation in partnership of a shareholder company, specialized with a view to developing and exploiting the gold deposits of TIREK and AMESMESSA located in the Wilaya of AIN GUEZAM – Algeria, the processing of gold ore and the recovery of gold metal”.




The Industrial Mining Group MANAL SPA launches a Call for candidates prior to a Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) in order to select the Candidates willing to enter into partnership with the MANAL Group for the creation of a shareholder company, specialized with a view to developing and exploiting of the TIREK and AMESMESSA gold deposits located in the Wilaya of AIN GUEZAM – Algeria, the processing of gold ore and the recovery of gold metal.


The Call for Expression of Interest is addressed to companies or organizations specialized in gold mining and processing, with proven experience in the field and references in similar projects and installations.



or by express mail (DHL, FEDEX, UPS or other) to:



07 Rue Mohammed Tahar Semani

Hydra -Alger

Requests for clarification should be addressed to the General Management of the MANAL Group at the following e-mail address:


Interested companies are invited to send by e-mail, at the latest thirty (30) days after the date of publication on the BAOSEM, a letter of Expression of Interest accompanied by a brief presentation of the company or companies composing the consortium (in the case of a Grouping of companies) containing in particular the shareholding, the experience and the international presence

After a pre-selection by the MANAL Group, only the companies selected will be able to participate in the selection process and will receive the specifications after signing a confidentiality letter.




After examining the applications, the MANAL Group will send to the selected Candidates only the application file for the Call for Expression of Interest. The Call for Expression of Interest file summarizes:


  1. The Candidate’s requirements and references:
  • Have proven technology and know-how in the development and exploitation of open pit and/or underground gold mines as well as in the processing of gold ore and the recovery of gold metal;
  • Be present in the mining activity segment of open pit and/or underground gold


  • Have carried out similar projects during the last ten (10) years;
  • To have sufficient financial resources in relation to the project.


  1. Terms of Reference:
  • The Candidate must present its technical approach to development, research and exploration on the entire exploitation permit, specifying its approach for the development and exploitation of the Tirek and Amesmessa deposits. He must specify the articulation he intends to give to the operations mentioned. He will have to propose the program of research and exploration work that he intends to possibly carry out on the entire Tirek-Amesmessa exploitation permit. The program must be specified by type of work (Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Drilling and Others).
  • Transfer of know-how
  • The development of human resources, in particular the employment and training of local personnel in operating techniques and the maintenance of production equipment
  • The construction of a learning center dedicated to the trades of gold mining and gold processing
  • Establish a dedicated gold mining study structure in the organization of the future company”
  • Contribute and participate in the social development of the region as a corporate citizen.
  1. Summary of the technical aspects of the deposits proposed to the partnership:

 Geographical location:

The perimeter of the mining license is 430 km southwest of the city of Tamanrasset – Algeria.

  1. Concession

 The perimeter of the mining permit covers 140 300 hectares

  1. Geology:

 The perimeter of the ENOR mining permit is located in the Western Hoggar. It spreads along the East-Ouzzalian submeridian shear zone (2°30’). This zone with a width of 2 to 3 km and extending over more than 200 km, is the main structural element that controls the emplacement and hosts the gold mineralization of the entire region. It is represented by a zone of mylonites injected with small masses of gabbro.

  • Amesmessa Deposit:

 The central part of the deposit is represented by a zone of mylonites and ultramylonites, injected by numerous veins of lenticular quartz, staggered in the N-S direction. The dip is sub-vertical (60°-85°) to the west.

It includes several vein zones (ZF) of auriferous quartz, 18 of which have been studied by trenches and 10 by core drilling. The central sector (ZF 7; 8; 9; 10 and 11) of the deposit contains more than 70% of the known geological resources.


ZF 9 is the most important. Gold mineralization was intersected at a depth of -440 m, with a grade of 34.7 g/t gold for a thickness of 1.13 m.


The length of the veins reaches a few hundred meters. The thickness of the veins varies from 0.2-0.5m to 1m rarely more. Gold grades in quartz range from 0.1 gram/ton to >200 g/t, averaging 10-20 g/t.

3.2 Tirek deposit:

This deposit has three vein fields: A, B and C. It contains dozens of quartz veins, 16 of which could be of economic interest.

Field B, containing the most important veins (F II, III, XIV and XV). The direction for certain veins is submeridian (0 to 15°), with a subvertical dip (75-90°) towards the West; for others the direction is 30°-45° NE, with a dip of 45-70° towards the NW. The thickness of the veins varies from 0.4-0.8 to more than 1 m.


 a) The mineral resources of the main veins of the Amesmessa (veins 9&8) and Tirek (veins II; III; XIV and XV) deposits were calculated and classified in 2005 according to the Australian JORC code. The remaining resources as of December 31, 2018 are as follows:


Total Presumed Indicated Measured Resources
Gold deposit
14776 7.83 1887 6308 6.19 1019 7799 9.61 812 669 11.82 57 Amesmessa
9435 15.38 613 2756 12.44 222 5464 16.58 329 1216 19.47 62 Tirek
24211 9.68 2501 9064 7.31 1241 13263 11.62 1141 1884 15.83 119 Total

We inform that the MANAL Group has bankable technical and economic feasibility studies (BFS).




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