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The United States extends anti-dumping duties on wire coils from 10 countries

The United States will extend anti-dumping duties on wire coil imports made of certain alloy steels from 10 countries.

The aim of the investigation was that the import of these products from “Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Italy, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom” affects the local steel industry.

According to a letter from the US International Trade Administration, the US Department of Commerce concluded that the anti-dumping duties removal on wire coil imports from the listed countries is likely to lead to continued or recurring dumping.

Based on the results of the expedited investigation, the US Department of Commerce determined the following dumping margin: Belarus – 280.02%, Italy – 18.89%, South Korea – 41.10%, Russian Federation – 756.93%, South Africa – 142.26%, Spain – 32.64%, Turkey – 4.44%, Ukraine – 44.03%, UAE – 84.10% and the UK – 147.63%.

According to the results of this investigation, the steel wire coils imports into the United States are classified in the Coherent Tariff Schedule of the United States under the codes 7213.91.3011, 7213.91.3015, 7213.91.3020, 7213.91.3093; 7213.91.4500, 7213.91.6000, 7213.99.0030, 7227.20.0030, 7227.20.0080, 7227.90.6010, 7227.90.6020, 7227.90.6030, and 7227.90.6035.

The import subject can also enter the codes 7213.99.0090 and 7227.90.6090.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom announced the extension from March 1, 2023, of anti-dumping measures against Chinese rebar (HFP). The decision comes after the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) overturned an earlier recommendation that the anti-dumping duties will be on Chinese rebar valid until July 2026.

At the same time, Australia expanded its anti-dumping duties on rebar imports to four countries – Greece, Spain, Indonesia and Taiwan. In particular, the fee for Greece is 42.1%, and for Spain -6.3%. At the same time, the tariffs applicable to products from Thailand will expire after March 7, 2023.




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