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Algeria mines : Several transformational units will enter into service “soon” 

The General Manager of the “Algeria Mines” Complex, Mohamed Sakhr Harami, said in Algiers, that the Complex has begun the completion of several transformational units within the framework of the strategy for mineral materials valuation, some of which will enter into service in the coming days.

Mr Harami explained, upon his appearance as a guest on the forum of the National Radio Chanel 1, “The strategy adopted by the Ministry of Energy is to export mining materials after their valuation and to establish factories for mineral materials valuation. Accordingly, we have begun to complete several mining materials factories, some of which will enter the activity in the coming days at the Complex.

In this regard, he mentioned “the bentonite factory in Maghnia, the carbonate factory in Sig and El Khroub, as well as a unit in Annaba for phosphate production, which is very important and currently imported, in addition to a factory for dolomite in Oum El Bouaghi, which is used in the iron industry.”

He added, in this regard, that all the mentioned factories that the Complex is currently completing and that are in the “final stage of their completion, and some of them will enter into service” would contribute to the raw materials provision that enters the industry for several sectors.

He continued, “We are now investing in the exploitation and transformation field to provide mining materials in the market with quality and competitive ability

Returning to the massive project of Ghar Djebilet in Tindouf, the President, and General Manager of the National Iron and Steel Company (FERAAL), Ahmed Ben Abbas, in turn, mentioned the agreement signed last Thursday with the Tosyali iron and steel complex in Bethioua (Oran), which provides for the unit establishment for iron ore, concentrates production in Bechar.

He pointed out that it stipulates, “What should be done to establish a mixed company between Feraal and Tosyali in September, as well as creating conditions for the company to start completing the first factory in Bechar directly.”

In this context, he stated, “The second partnership is with a Chinese Complex, with whom we are proceeding in the same way, and at the end of the year, there will be a mixed company, and it will launch the construction of the second project, which is related to the product destined for export to China.”

He also indicated that there are talks for a partnership with the Algerian-Qatari Company “AQS” Bellara to supply it with raw steel materials.

In a related context, Mr Ben Abbas said that about Ghar Djebilet, many expressed their desire for partnership, including Arab countries, Japan, China, Türkiye, and Europe.

In the partnership field, Mr Harami explained, About Ghar Djebilet, “We are in the process of finalizing three partnership with iron and steel companies in Algeria, namely the Tosyali Company, the Algerian-Qatari steel Company. While the third partnership will be with a Chinese Complex, which will allow the slab production, “semi-manufactured material used in the manufacturing industries of the steel industry,” in addition to several intentions expressed by other companies, we are in the process of technical dialogue with them.

Regarding the process of massive structural projects, Mr Harami stated that about the integrated strategic phosphate project, the corporation was established in partnership between the Algerian Mines Complex and the Asmidal Complex for the Algerian side and two Chinese companies for the Chinese partner.

He added, “The Company is currently working on completing all feasibility and technical studies to start the completion of the project so that after its completion, we will return to the State Contribution Council to take the final investment decision.”

As for the zinc project in Oued Amizour, he said that several stages are completed, and a feasibility study, risks, and environmental impact are completed, indicating that the Complex is considering the completion of a zinc valorisation plant to meet the local demand for it and export the surplus abroad.










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