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Arab Steel Summit

The Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation visits the Libyan Iron and Steel Company

Board of Directors Chairman, “Dr Mohamed Abdul Malik El-Faqih”, received His Excellency the Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation, Engineer “Ali Al Abed Al-Reda” at the headquarters of the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, as part of the joint preparations for the celebration of Labour Day celebration, the first of May, which will be an official party within the Company.

The meeting also took place in the presence of the Supervisor of the Administrative Affairs and Services Sector, Eng. Hassan Milad Dabbak, and the Director of the Legal Affairs Office, Mr Marei Hussein Al-Maliki, to discuss legal and administrative points related to the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation. Perhaps the most prominent of these is completing the necessary appropriations for the work regulations of the Company by the Ministry and discussing health insurance for foreign workers within the Company.

Some of the obstacles facing the iron and steel industry in Libya were also discussed, including the energy shortage, both natural gas and electricity, as well as problems related to local iron scrap high costs and the low quality of what is available for purchase; because it continues to be exported.

The conversation also revolved around the iron ores scarcity and high prices in the foreign market and consideration of the possibility of benefiting from local iron ores in southern Libya.

As well as the possibility of entering into investments to set up a project to establish a factory for pelletizing iron ores in the Republic of Mauritania and the communication that took place with the Mauritanian authorities regarding it.

Regarding the marketing of the product, His Excellency the Minister promised to make every effort to support the Company to enter its products into African markets.

The Minister concluded his meeting by thanking and praising the management of the Company and its employees despite the difficult surrounding circumstances, promising that he would spare all his efforts to facilitate everything that would help the Company for its crucial national role continuation.


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