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The Minister of Business Sector directs the development of “ El Nasr Steel Pipes ”, “EL Nasr Forging” and “metalco ” companies

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The Minister of Business Sector directs the development of “ El Nasr Steel Pipes ”, “EL Nasr Forging” and “metalco ” companies






Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Public Business Sector, visited the Nasr Company for the manufacture of steel pipes and Al Nasr for the manufacture of forgings and the Egyptian Metal Construction “Metalco” affiliated to the Holding Company for Metal Industries, a company of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, to discuss ways to reform and develop these companies to recover them from its stumbling block, within the framework of Field follow-up tours to determine the conditions of subsidiaries.



 This comes in conjunction with the end of the technical evaluation studies for the factories of the three companies and the identification of development mechanisms, which were carried out by the Swiss-based international consulting firm RCG, specialized in providing consultations related to the mineral industries.



 The Minister started his visits with a meeting with company departments and executive leaders, where he listened to an explanatory explanation about the activity of each company and its products, current challenges and development proposals, in the presence of Dr. Medhat Nafi, Chairman of the Holding Company for Metal Industries and members of the Board of Directors, and engineer Khaled al-Faqi, President of the General Union for Engineering and Metal Industries, and a number of leaders The Ministry.



 Hisham Tawfiq also reviewed the reports of RCG Consulting about the results of the studies it had carried out on these companies and the recommendations issued by them, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, comprehensive technical evaluation of production lines, development perceptions, feasibility indicators and investment costs.



 During his visit to companies, the Minister made an inspection tour of companies ’product exhibitions as well as departments, factories and production lines, where he continued all stages of manufacturing and production processes.



 The Minister praised the efforts and skills of workers, directing quickly to start implementing reform and development plans for these companies and replace and renew some machines, with the need to pay attention to improving marketing and selling methods, adding new products, developing human resources and optimizing the available resources.

 In this context, the Minister affirmed the Ministry’s keenness to reform and restructure its subsidiaries as long as factors and ingredients for success are available and the viability of development has been proven.


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