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Arab Steel Summit

AISU is training a group of engineers and technicians of Sulb Bahrain Company in steel sectors

Within the framework of the goals of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, interest in human development and raising the administrative, organizational and technological skills of engineers and technicians in the field of iron and steel. Calculation of roller lanes The training course deals with the following topics:

  • Reheating ovens and their defects and how to avoid them.
  • Formation of steel in longitudinal rolling.
  • Friction and bite potential.
  • Rolling line and tie line.
  • The stresses are designed in the longitudinal rolling mill and the rolling line.
  • Study the loading area between the rolled block and the walkway.
  • Calculate the amount of area reduction using rolling mills.
  • Choosing the appropriate rollers for the type of rolling mill, calculating the stresses and the efficiency of rolling consumption.
  • Defects in the size of the rolls and how to correct these defects.
  • Calculating the loads, moments and capacities of the unit.
  • Rolling efficiency calculation.

The field of training is considered a major goal of the Union, which aims to raise the capacities and expertise of human resources, including engineers and technicians, in the field of iron and steel industry and develop them through various training programs organized by the Union in the technical, organizational and administrative fields.

The federation has implemented a number of training courses in cooperation with Arab institutions and organizations, benefiting thousands of workers in major steel companies in the Arab world.


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