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Algerian Qatari Steel targets exports of more than $300 million in 2023

The Complex of the Algerian Qatari Steel Company (AQS) in Bellara, Jijel Province, aims to exceed $300 million in exports in 2023 against $160 million in 2022.

In the first quarter of this year, the Company exported about $200 million.

The Company Director of communications and public relations, Mouloud Louâil, explained in statements to the APS agency that Algerian Qatari Steel has adopted a new marketing strategy on international markets. It intends to be one of the most prominent contributors to the approach adopted by the high authorities of the country, aimed at diversifying exports and getting out of dependence on hydrocarbons.

The same official explained that the Company exports high-quality products to European, African and Asian markets, and the United States of America has become the most significant customer of the Company.

Regarding the African market, he explained that it is among the highest priorities of the Company, citing the recent export of around 15,000 tonnes to Senegal and other quantities to Mauritania; in addition, the Company is in talks with operators in Nigeria and Libya.

Mr Louâil noted demand increased for Algerian Qatari Steel products “because they are among the best products in the world, in addition to the excellent services the company provides to its customers globally”.

Stating that rebar and steel coils are the most exported products by Algerian Qatari Steel, he indicated that new products would be shipped once the works to extend and increase the production capacity of the steel complex are completed.

According to him, the exploitation of the Gara Djebilet mine in the Tindouf will have a significant impact on the iron market at home and abroad because it will contribute to lowering the price of raw materials and iron and increasing the competitiveness of our products abroad, in addition to expanding the areas for exporting the Algerian iron.

Last February, the Algerian Qatari Steel Company obtained a certificate of conformity for rebar steel products and coils of iron wire from the British authority (UK CARES) for accreditation of steel products globally after the management completed all audits on the production of the Company.


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