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Arab Steel Summit

Arab Iron and Steel Union discusses enhancing industrial integration among Arab countries

Today, Sunday, in Algiers, the work of the Board of Directors of the Arab Iron and Steel Union was held, in its 128th regular session, to discuss ways to embody cooperation and integration in the fields of the iron and steel industry in the Arab world.

It was done during the session. Which was chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, Awaad Al-Khalidi, to discuss developments in the iron and steel industry in the Arab world, the final budget for the years 2023, and the eighth report of the Economic Committee.

During the two-day session (May 19 and 20), the report of the Union’s first technical committee was studied and the preparations for the 17th Arab Steel Summit and its accompanying exhibition, which is scheduled to be held in the State of Qatar from next October 14 to 15, were studied, in addition to examining the request for the Iraqi company to join “HaritanSteel Company”.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion. Vice Chairman of the Federation’s Board of Directors and Director General of the Metal and Steel Industries Complex “Emetal”, Adel Khaman, explained that the iron and steel sector is one of the structured activities necessary to advance the industrial sector and advance the degree of development and improvement of economic facilities in the countries of the Federation, given its close connection to many other economic sectors. And his ability to influence them directly or indirectly.

Mr. Khaman stressed the importance of the role played by the Union – whose headquarters are in Algiers – in achieving integration in the fields of the iron and steel industry and supporting the institutions of member states for the purpose of developing their products and securing their needs for raw materials.

He pointed out that “the sector cannot achieve the desired progress or embody the goals set by the Union, except through close cooperation between the various sectors, and working to embody cooperation and integration in the areas of the iron and steel industry.”

The official called for intensifying the exchange of visits and expertise between institutions in Arab countries and delving into the field of research and development to keep pace with the strategy of many countries of the world.

He pointed out the importance of the Union’s meetings, which highlight the ambition to move towards export, search for new investments, enhance research and development, and support internal and external marketing.


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