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Cooperation between Qatar Energy and Japanese steel companies to CCS through the Blue Ammonia Plant

Japan’s Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Corp have secured orders from Qatar Energy for high-alloy seamless pipes to be used in a carbon capture storage (CCS) project. This project, led by Qatar Energy in Qatar’s Mesaieed Region, aims to construct a blue ammonia manufacturing plant.

Nippon Steel recently shipped the first batch of these high-alloy seamless OCTG pipes. The project will utilize “NSCarbolex Neutral,” a form of green steel developed by Nippon Steel, marking the first use of high-alloy seamless OCTG and NSCarbolex Neutral in a large-scale CCS project in the Middle East.

Qatar, holding substantial natural gas reserves and contributing about one-third of the world’s LNG exports, is actively pursuing ammonia manufacturing and CCS projects for decarbonization. The blue ammonia plant will separate CO2 from methane emissions in the Mesaieed Region and store it underground, producing 1.2 mln tons of ammonia annually.

CO2 mixed with impurities can cause corrosion in OCTG, but Nippon Steel’s high-alloy pipes have demonstrated superior corrosion resistance. These pipes are now used in CCS and other decarbonization projects globally.

Nippon Steel is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. It will continue to offer NSCarbolex Neutral, a steel product with reduced CO2 emissions, and NSCarbolex Solution, a technology contributing to societal CO2 reduction. Through these initiatives, Nippon Steel aims to support customer decarbonization, enhance competitiveness, and contribute to a carbon-neutral society.


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