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SMS Group completes the modernization of the blast furnace A at Salzgitter Flachtstal AG

SMS has successfully commissioned a new Paul Wurth Parallel Hopper Bell Less Top® (BLT) in blast furnace A at Salzgitter Flachstahl AG.

As part of this SMS upgrade, the BLT system from 1977 was replaced by a new Paul Wurth Parallel Hopper Bell Less Top®, which boasts an array of technical and operational enhancements.

The new design offers better maintenance options thanks to improved access and dismantling aids, which in turn means far less time is needed for maintenance.

To improve operational efficiency, the modernization of the top charging system in blast furnace A included the overhaul and integration of key components such as the spherical maintenance valve, valve actuator, material hopper, and distribution rocker. The upgrade also included a new primary equalizing system with reconfigured pipework, valves, silencer, and a state-of-the-art hydraulic and greasing station, which was supplied in a turnkey container.

Sound emissions have been substantially reduced with the installation of a new silencer, contributing to more environmentally friendly operation. The equalizing system’s piping has been simplified, streamlining the process. The new construction provides a higher level of sustainability and significantly lowers environmental impact, as less dust is produced and less blast furnace gas discharged into the atmosphere.

Additionally, the newly constructed hydraulic room provides more space, better access, and an optimized system layout covering an area of 50 square meters, further facilitating maintenance and operational tasks.

Franziskus Lutwin, Project Manager at SMS group, comments: “We are delighted with the successful completion of our latest project, which builds on the solid foundation of the positive relationship we established with Salzgitter during the relining of blast furnace B in 2015. It fills me with great pride to see how many improvements we were able to implement over the course of this project. The collaboration with the Salzgitter team has been remarkable throughout and characterized by mutual trust and professionalism. We are confident that the results of our joint efforts represent a further step towards innovation and efficiency in steel production and look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.”

René Rockstroh, General Manager of the blast furnace department at Salzgitter: “We are completely satified with the new solutions of the bell less top design. All our demands and expectations were implemented. The collaboration with the team at SMS group was excellent and very collegial. After blowing in the furnace, the installed equipment works without any problems. Finally, I want to say to the team at SMS group and Paul Wurth thank you for the good job and for our long-term excellent relationship.”


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