Arab Steel Summit

General Programs



 Course Name

17  Industrial safety and accident prevention.
18  Engineering drawing and measurement tools for technicians.
19  Safety of  lifting operation in industry.
20  Spare parts manufacture and its heat treatment technology.
21  Production and quality management systems and environmental monitoring
22  Management systems and performance evaluation for maintenance processes.
23  Production planning and evaluation of production processes.
24  Management and quality control systems.
25  Management of spare part systems in industrial companies.
26  Strategic planning, tools of implementation, communication and measuring.
27  Technology of handling, selecting, collecting and classifying of Scrap.
28  Reading of engineering drawings, fits and tolerance for technicians.
29  Production planning and system of material handling.
30  Management systems and performance evaluation for maintenance processes.
31  Application of automatic control systems in production processes.
32    predictive maintenance and Fault detection
33  Maintenance and calibration system of belt conveyor.
34  Oxygen stations its operation and maintenance.
35  International standard specification of the environment 14000.
36  Preventive maintenance systems and its application in industry.