Arab Steel Summit

Positive growth of the Egyptian economy

Despite the challenges of the Corona pandemic, the national economy achieved positive growth, contrary to what happened in many countries of the world, and the economy grew stronger, with the cash reserve in the Central Bank exceeding more than 40 billion dollars.

According to the expectations of international financial institutions, which indicated high growth rates in the coming years, an increase in Egyptian exports of various commodities, and an improvement in the trade balance in both export and import trade transactions.

There is no doubt that the infrastructure network of roads, bridges, tunnels, and facilities encourages the attraction of foreign investment to work in Egypt in special productive projects, with the provision of incentives for these investments and the speed of deciding on licensing procedures and the provision of land, especially with the availability of the necessary energy for all new projects and the continued implementation of the state’s plan to establish stations A new source of unconventional energy to increase Egypt’s ability to provide energy and export the surplus to neighboring countries through interconnection lines with these countries.

I believe that enhancing Egypt’s ability to attract foreign investments will be an important addition to the national economy in light of the state’s efforts to remove all obstacles to incoming investments, in addition to the stability and safety that has been achieved in Egypt and the state’s tendency to increase the pumping of local investments in various fields.

The strength of the national economy is what helped Egypt face all challenges, most notably the Corona pandemic and the manufacture and import of vaccines necessary to protect the health of citizens.


Source: ِAkhbar Elyoum