Arab Steel Summit

Mechanical Maintenance Programs

No. Program name
37 Diesel generator operation and maintenance.
38 Air compressors – types – uses – operation and maintenance.
39 Technology of using oils and greases in maintenance.
40 Rolling bearings: types – lubrication – maintenance – analysis of their malfunctions – repair – calculation of the life span.
41 Analysis of breakdowns of mechanical parts and how to avoid them.
42 Oxygen industry technology and air separation units.
43 How to deal with hydraulic and pneumatic circuits and learn about their basic elements and how to operate and maintain them.
44 Maintenance technology program for technicians.
45 Pumps, cylinders and accumulators from components of hydraulic circuits – types – use – operation and maintenance.
46 Manufacture of spare parts through the use of reverse engineering.
47 Bearings and bearings test – specifications – uses – installation – dismantling – lubrication and lubrication – maintenance and troubleshooting.
48 Predictive maintenance and how to detect faults using mechanical vibrations