Arab Steel Summit

Electrical Maintenance Programs

No. Program name
48 Industrial software systems Siemens smitc  S7.
49 Types of electric motors, their performance and the avoidance of their malfunctions.
50 Applications of automated control systems in production processes.
51 Maintenance and operation of electrical power distribution stations.
52 Maintenance and operation of electrical power distribution stations.
53 Electrical circuit breakers – types, scope of use, tests and maintenance.
54 Methods of designing, rewinding, drying and impregnating electric motors.
55 Thyristor and tanspitor module and its applications in industry
56 CNC Machines
57 Maintenance of electronic cards.
58 Maintenance of electrical networks and high voltage lines.
59 Proportional and servo valves and their electronic cards, types – installation – operation and maintenance.
60 SCADA system for process control and data routing.
61 Prevention and protection systems in electricity networks, grounding networks and lightning protection systems – operation – maintenance – tests.
62 Power factor improvement systems and harmonics faders and their maintenance.
63 Welding technology: welding methods – design materials – inspection – welding quality control – tests.