Arab Steel Summit

Continuous Cast Technology


The continuous casting process is the conversion of molten metal into continuous steel (bars – boxes) which is an important method in saving energy and reducing production cost by not reheating again as it is a good way to preserve the environment.

Course Target:

The program aims to raise the efficiency of workers in the field of smelting and casting. The continuous casting technique is characterized by high productivity and product quality compared to the old casting methods, of which was most of its defects the lack of productivity and a lot of casting defects


  • Types of casting machines
  • Continuous casting equipment.
  • Receiving the hot steel.
  • Continuous smelting calculations.
  • Fittings before casting.
  • Sudden problems during the casting.
  • Mold lubricating powder.
  • Continuous casting refractories.
  • How to calculate the efficiency of continuous casting.
  • Examine the products and surface defects of the product.