Arab Steel Summit

Galvanizing in steel industry 


Over the years, companies have used various anti-corrosion systems to protect iron, such as epoxy coating and other types of protective coatings. But these systems provide limited protection for a specific period of time, and with the passage of time the coating loses its durability, so companies resorted to galvanization, which is the process of coating iron with a light layer of zinc, where zinc helps prevent corrosion because it interacts with chemicals more easily than it interacts with iron and there is Several methods of galvanizing depend on the needs of different industries.

 Course Target:

The degree of skill of workers in the field of galvanizing by methods and types of galvanizing according to the needs of customers.


  • Different types of galvanizing.
  • Cold galvanizing method.
  • Hot galvanizing method.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of galvanizing types.
  • Industries that depend on each type of galvanizing.
  • The hardness of each type of galvanizing.
  • Metal immersion.
  • Galvanizing pools.
  • The reactions that occur during the galvanizing process.