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Programmable Logic Controller PLC S7


Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) belong to the computer family and are a microprocessor used to control various processes such as controlling machines and controlling various industrial processes.These controllers have the ability to store instructions to perform various control functions such as data processing, timing, counting, displacement, equipment communication and control.

Course target:

Developing the skill of engineers working in the field of PLC by designing different control systems using S7 programs.


• Introduction to PLC• The importance of programmed logical controls in the automation process• PLC System Components S7 300- 400• Analog – Digital system• PLC Training S7 200-300-400• Getting to know the program and its basic keys.• Training to download and search the program.• Training on the work of the program by the participants.• How to establish automatic control systems.• Establishing automated control systems using PLC.• Practical training on establishing control systems by the participants.• Questions and open discussions.