Arab Steel Summit

Management of oil systems in iron and steel companies


With industrial developments, the task of oils is no longer confined to reducing friction and reducing the temperature resulting from friction. Rather, it transcends it to new tasks to meet precise and vital requirements such as transferring impurities, protecting equipment from rust and reducing the sounds of moving parts. Therefore, oils varied according to the nature of work.

Course target:

Introducing participants to the best method for managing oil systems, choosing oils, knowing the demand limit, and the method of rationalizing consumption, especially in the iron and steel industry.


Course Contents:

Choosing and selecting the right oil• Introduction and introduction to the oil industry.• Additives to oils and their properties.• General properties of mineral and synthetic oils.• Mineral and fire-resistant hydraulic oils. Iron and steel equipment• Oils used in the iron and steel industry.• Anti-rust oils.• gears and chairs oils.• Transformer oils and oils for cutting and heat treatment operations.Rationalize the consumption of oils • How to determine the optimal age for the oil change period.• Quality tests for oils during operation.• Quality control of oils before use.• Optimum methods of storage to maintain product quality.