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Basic rules of Hydraulic Circuits


Hydraulic systems are considered one of the most important types of mechanical systems, as they are characterized by the ability to convert a small force to another greater force, without the need for gears, and with a size less than the sizes needed by other mechanical systems, all of which made hydraulic systems the best and most widely used mechanical systems.

Course target:

Developing the skills of workers in the field of operation and maintenance of hydraulic circuits.

Course Contents:

• Basics of Hydraulics• Accumulators used in hydraulic circuits.• Components of hydraulic circuits include• Generate pressure- Gear pumps- Vane pumps- Piston pumps• Means of movement- Hydraulic Cylinders- Hydraulic motors• control valves- Pressure control valves -Flow rate control valves -Directional control valves- Types of non-return valves and their importance in hydraulic circuits