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Roller Bearing


Roller Bearings are a device that allows restricted movement between two or more parts and reduces friction between moving parts. Correct handling and maintenance of bearings are essential to maintain them to achieve the highest operating rates for equipment and increase productivity. It is necessary for those dealing with bearings to have a deep knowledge of what must be done to extend their life. To default and improve its efficiency in various types of equipment.

Course target:

Raising the efficiency of engineers and technicians working in the field of maintenance of bearings and bearings to ensure the longest lifespan for them.

Course Contents:

• The idea of roller bearing.

• Characteristics and applications.

• Selection of the appropriate bearing for the bearing.

• Methods of installation and clearance.

• Damage caused by improper installation

• Compensation for deviation, speed.

• Calculation of life expectancy.

• Methods of lubrication and maintenance.

• Noise processing.

• Measurement of hardness, types of load and its characteristics.

• Maintenance of bearings and chairs.