George Matta is Chairman of the Economic Committee of Arab Iron and Steel Union

 Arab Iron and Steel Union  held the 13th Arab Steel Summit in Amman, Jordan, the first meeting of the Economic Committee.

During the meeting, Mr. George Matta, Chief Marketing Officer of the Ezz Steel Group, was elected as Chairman of the Economic Committee, and Mr. Hassan El Melagy, Commercial Director of Coordination and Development, , Vice Chairman of the Committee.

Which is one of the most important committees of the Arab Union of Iron and Steel, which consists of most Arab countries.

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About AISU

Arab Iron and Steel Union ( AISU ) was established in Algeria in 1971 as the first Arab union of Arab countries to be established under the umbrella of the Council of Economic Unity in the League of Arab States.

AISU is a non-governmental organization of a private nature, not of a political or commercial nature.

AISU works in the field of preparing studies, organizing courses and holding periodic conferences for the prosperity of the Arab iron and steel industry. The union includes a wide range of companies with multiple activities related to the iron and steel industry.

Information About Union

92 Members

28 Board of Directors

17 Country

300.000 Employees

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