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SIDER EL HADJAR and NAFTAL sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the production of seamless tubes

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between SIDER EL HADJAR, belonging to the SIDER Group, a subsidiary of the IMETAL Group, and NAFTAL, at the headquarters of the General Management of NAFTAL, located in Chéraga, Algiers.

The Memorandum of Understanding covers the construction of 1,100 km of seamless tubes for the transport of LPG between Arzew, Chlef, and Algiers, as well as the supply of sheet metal for the manufacture of gas cylinders.

In the presence of the CEO of IMETAL Group, Mr Tarik BOUSLAMA, Mrs LABIOD Djamila, President of the Board of Directors of Sider El Hadjar, and Mr YAGUER Rachid, Director of the LPG Branch of NAFTAL, proceeded to the signing of this MoU.

Mr Lakhdar AOUCHICHE, CEO of Sider Group, Mr Réda BELHADJ, CEO of Sider El Hadjar, Mr Mohand IBELAID, Director of the Fuels Branch of NAFTAL as well as senior executives of the two companies and the partner social work of Sider El Hadjar were also present.

During the session, Mr Tarik BOUSLAMA “thanked NAFTAL Company for the trust put in Sider El Hadjar, emphasizing the importance of collaborating between the national companies, especially in the current situation to revitalise the national economy and to reduce the export bill”.

For his part, Mr Lakhdar AOUCHICHE declared, “This order was a fresh air for El Hadjar Complex, and more particularly for the 500 employees of TSS unit, who wilfully honour their commitments”, he added, “This advantage will help establish a certain serenity and confidence among the employees”.

For her part, Mrs Djamila LABIOD assured that “The experience and expertise of Sider El Hadjar will ensure the quality and conformity of the products to the international standards”.

As for Mr Reda BELHADJ, he assured that “All the human and material resources and all the necessary efforts available in the company will be implemented to achieve the objectives set by this Memorandum of Understanding, and that within deadlines».


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