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Morocco’s imports of steel and metal scrap has increased

Imports of Moroccan companies operating in the field of exploiting scrap iron and steel and other types of converted metals, which are used in the steel and iron industry, have increased significantly during the last two years.

Data issued by the Exchange Office revealed that Moroccan companies imported about 720 thousand tons of scrap iron, copper and other types of converted metals, during the period between January 2019 – June 2020, with a value of 1.73 billion dirhams.

The continent of Europe is the first export market for scrap to Morocco, as the quantities imported by local companies amounted to approximately 610 thousand tons, during the period January 2019 – June of this year, with a value of 1.7 billion dirhams; While China came in second place with about 40 thousand tons.

Large quantities of iron and steel scrap imports are directed to the major industrial units operating in the steel industry in Morocco.

The recovery of the sector contributed to attracting new industrial groups, including the Belgian group “VN Steel”, which decided to set up a company in Morocco, to market steel products for the benefit of local companies.

The company officials confirm that the opening of the Moroccan branch will allow it to meet the growing needs of the local market, which is witnessing an increasing growth as a result of the recovery in demand for products related to the steel industry.


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