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Tosyali Algérie sets world production record for a single direct reduction module

Tosyali Algérie  (Tosyali) utilizing MIDREX® Technology, in only its second full year of operation, produced more than 2.23 million tons of direct reduced iron (DRI) in 2020, which is a world record for a single direct reduction module.

The 2.5 million tons per year (t/y) DRI plant began using hot DRI (HDRI) at the electric arc furnace (EAF) melt shop in February 2019.

HDRI made up almost 72% of total production in 2020 (1.6 million tons), with average metallization of about 94% and carbon averaging around 2.2%.

Iron ore pellets feeding the DRI plant were supplied predominately by Tosyali Algérie’s own 4.0 million t/y pellet plant on site.

“We share in the perspective and objective of Algeria,” Dr. Suhat Korkmaz, CEO of Tosyali Holding, said, “to create a low CO2 steel industry using world class technology which is self-sufficient and generates employment, skills training, and export opportunities.

With our half-a-century of steelmaking know-how and expertise, we are achieving outstanding results from our iron and steel complex.”

“We congratulate the management and staff of Tosyali Algérie for their continued excellence in plant operation despite the unforeseen challenges posed by the global pandemic in 2020.

Setting the DRI production record is a real testament to the skill and know-how of Tosyali in coordinating the start-up and operations of not only the world’s largest DR plant but also the start-up of their adjacent pellet plant and steel mill,” Stephen C. Montague, President & CEO of Midrex Technologies, Inc., said.

Algeria was a net importer of long steel products when Tosyali started production in 2013. The initial production capacity was 1.2 million t/y of reinforcing bar and represented 28% of demand at the time.

A 500,000 t/y wire rod facility was added in 2015, which accounts for 60% of the national demand. In 2018, Tosyali added 2.2 million tons of liquid steel for the production of billets, two rolling mills, and a 4 million t/y pelletizing plant.

In addition, the first DR plant to Algeria, a 2.5 million t/y MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plant, was supplied by Midrex Technologies, Inc. and its consortium partner, Paul Wurth. Reinforcing bar exports began in 2018, with a target of increasing exports to 600,000 tons in the coming years following the opening of a new port and materials handling system.

HDRI from the DRI plant is expected to help increase billet production and boost high-quality rebar output to more than 3 million t/y. Tosyali intends to add 2 million t/y of flat steel capacity in the future to meet Algeria’s rising demand.



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