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Egypt: Implementation of new building requirements and issuance of licenses in all governorates will start tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 4 in Egypt, the governorates will start implementing the new building requirements and the new licensing system in all centers and cities, in accordance with the Cabinet’s decision issued last April, to start applying the new building requirements and the new licensing system to the cities that were selected for experimental application beginning May 1. 2021, for a period of two months, provided that the application will start in the rest of the Egyptian cities starting from July 1, 2021.

In view of the conflict between the beginning of the generalization of the new building requirements and the new licensing system for cities, which was scheduled for Thursday, July 1 due to the June 30 Revolution anniversary holiday, and the holiday for technology centers, the actual implementation is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Sunday, July 4th.

The steps for obtaining building permits 2021 in accordance with the planning and building controls and requirements announced by the Ministry of Local Development as follows:

1- The citizen applies to the technology center of the city or neighborhood where the property is located to obtain a building permit according to the form prepared for this at the center and attach with it “a copy of the identity verification / a copy of the notified contract / a copy of the statement of validity”, provided that the official at the technological center informs the origin of the notified contract for the plot The land and the citizen obtained the standard models of the facades to choose from, as well as a statement showing the documents contained in the license file.

2- The citizen contracts with an engineer or an engineering office to prepare the license file and contracts with an engineer or an engineering office or a house of expertise to prepare the engineering designs for the building, provided that the file includes all the documents stipulated in the building law in accordance with the statement received by the citizen when submitting the application and the original statement of validity and the original Notified contract.

3- The engineer delivers the license file to the technology center in accordance with the power of attorney issued to him by the citizen, provided that the file is complete with all documents.

4- The technology center receives and reviews the license file and gives the citizen an evidence of receipt.

5- The citizen is notified 30 days after handing over the license file to attend the technology center to receive the license and pay the fees in accordance with the building law.

6- If the citizen desires to start construction, the supervising engineer must apply to the technological center in accordance with the medicine prepared for this, provided that the contractor and the engineer supervising the implementation sign at the technology center, and the organization engineer performs the on-site inspection with the supervising engineer to determine the line of organization and start work, provided that the engineer is committed to submitting Quarterly reports on what is being done to the technology center.

7- Upon completion of the construction process, the supervising engineer submits a certificate of the building’s validity for occupancy to the technology center, which inspects the executed works and, in case of conformity, gives the citizen letters to the various facilities authorities.



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