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Arab Steel Summit

Hosted by Qatar Steel AISU resumes activities with Board and General Assembly meetings in Doha

Qatar Steel hosted the 124th meeting of the Board of Directors and the 55th meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) at the Sharq Village & Spa in Doha on May 22 and 23, 2022.

The meetings took place after an almost two-year pause in the activities of AISU due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic; the General Assembly meeting was held with representatives of 65 iron and steel companies from different Arab countries. Coinciding with the two sessions, AISU Economic Committee resumed its fourth meeting on 22 May.

Mr Awwad Al-Khaldi, AISU Chairman, commended Qatar Steel’s efforts in hosting the meetings, which came at the right time following the gradual recovery from the effects of the pandemic for AISU to resume its activities aimed at developing and enhancing the iron and steel industry in the Arab world.

Al-Khalid, who is also Chairman and Managing Director of the United Steel Industrial Company (Kuwait Steel), pointed out that meetings of the AISU Board of Directors and General Assembly addressed the position of the steel industry at the Arab and international levels in the light of the exceptional circumstances the world is going through. However, AISU Economic Committee meeting studied the economic situation of the Arab countries and its impact on the volume and consumption of steel production in the Arab countries and discussed the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the iron and steel market in the Arab region.

Qatar Steel Managing Director & CEO Mr Abdurrahman Ali Al-Abdulla expressed his delight with Qatar Steel hosting the meetings. He delivered a speech, welcoming attendees and stressing the importance of continuing cooperation to achieve further evolution in the iron and steel industry in the Arab world. “We are delighted to welcome you to these important meetings where we resume our normal proceedings”, he said, “These meetings mark a new stepping stone in the development trajectory of the iron and steel industry in the Arab world. We are also proud that this new start commences in Doha after a two-year pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the entire world. As our joined efforts have contributed to overcoming the consequences of the pandemic, we all look forward to continuing cooperation to achieve more benefits for our industry and overcome current and future challenges.”

“We hope that we will be able to contribute to further development of the Arab world’s steel industry and bring about considerable benefits to AISU and its members as we work to capitalise on opportunities and overcome challenges ahead of us.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the teams responsible for coordinating and preparing for the AISU meetings”, added Al-Abdulla.

About Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU):

AISU was established in 1971 as the first Arab organization specialising in iron and steel and one of the organizations affiliated to the Council of Arab Economic Unity, which was founded under the umbrella of the Arab League. AISU has 80 member companies from 16 Arab countries.


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