Arab Iron and Steel Union stresses the need to protect national industries in the Arab world

Qatar Steel hosted the 124th session of the Board of Directors of the Arab Iron and Steel Union and the 55th ordinary session of the General Assembly during the period from 23-24 May 2022, at the Sharq Hotel in Doha, in the presence of 65 iron and steel companies members of the Union, after two sessions of meetings from a distance.

During these meetings, many reports were approved, including the General Budget for 2021, the Estimated Budget for 2022, and a study of the steel industry situation at the Arab and global levels in light of the exceptional circumstances the world is going through.

Mr Awad Al-Khaldi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, and Chairman and Managing Director of the United Iron Industry Company (Kuwait Steel) stressed during the meetings about the need of providing an integrated industrial and commercial environment, starting from raw materials to final products in light of the high prices of raw materials, energy and shipping. In addition to the supply shrinking chains between the world countries.

Mr. Awad El Khaldi also discussed the need to protect iron and steel factories by the Arab governments by enacting laws and legislation to protect the national industry, similar to what many countries worldwide have done in line with the World Trade Agreement.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Ali Al Abdullah, the Managing Director and CEO of Qatar Steel, expressed his delight at hosting the meetings by Qatar Steel, and he stressed the importance of continuing cooperation to achieve further development in the iron and steel industry in the Arab world. As he said, we are pleased to welcome you to these important meetings, through which we resume our usual activities, which represent a new start in developing the iron and steel industry in the Arab world. We are also proud that these meetings were launched from Doha after two years of hiatus due to the conditions of the Corona pandemic that affected the entire world. Moreover, as our concerted efforts contributed to overcoming the consequences of this pandemic, we all look forward to continuing cooperation to achieve more benefits for our industry and overcome current and future challenges.

Dr Kamel Djoudi, Secretary-General of the Arab Iron and Steel Union, pointed out in his speech the insistence of the General Secretariat to hold these meetings as an opportunity for the members to meet after the absence and their unification in light of the emergence of new challenges on the international levels, which requires everyone to be vigilant to face these challenges starting from Corona pandemic to the latest Russian-Ukrainian war.

He hopes that Arab governments will continue to adopt a policy of supporting national industries to ensure their continuity, which is the foundation of the economy and national security in the Arab countries.

He stressed that the Arab steel industry could overcome these challenges with its expertise, capabilities and advanced technologies to help achieve the desired success.

Arab Iron and Steel Union is one of the organizations affiliated with the Arab Economic Unity Council of the Arab States League, founded in 1971, and permanently headquartered in Algeria with regional offices.

Arab Iron and Steel Union is the first Arab organization to specialize in the iron and steel field, which includes 80 multi-activity companies in the field of iron and steel industry from 16 Arab countries.



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Arab Iron and Steel Union ( AISU ) was established in Algeria in 1971 as the first Arab union of Arab countries to be established under the umbrella of the Council of Economic Unity in the League of Arab States.

AISU is a non-governmental organization of a private nature, not of a political or commercial nature.

AISU works in the field of preparing studies, organizing courses and holding periodic conferences for the prosperity of the Arab iron and steel industry. The union includes a wide range of companies with multiple activities related to the iron and steel industry.

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