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Qatar Steel became the first company in the Middle East to achieve “1 Rosette” rating from UK CARES

Qatar Steel became the first company in the Middle East and one of the four companies in the world to achieve “1 Rosette” rating for its good performance compared with other 22 certified companies complying only basic requirements of “PASS” rating, to be approved by the authority of UK CARES under sustainable construction steel certification scheme, for the production of continuous cast steel billets and hot rolled steel bar for the reinforcement of concrete.

Launched in 2009, CARES Certification Scheme for Sustainable Constructional Steel was established to ensure confidence in the constructional steel performance across all the aspects of sustainability, economic, social and environmental.This certification is one step towards improving upon the sustainability performance of reinforcement bars with a systematic approach to management systems.

Reinforcing steel is a significant part of any major construction project. The supply chain for reinforcing steel, its production, distribution, processing and delivery to a construction site, is a complex process. At each stage in the supply chain, steel is transferred from one company to another. Global purchasing and local use requires effective management of the supply chain if construction projects are to be delivered on time and within budget. The UK CARES approach to product certification is unique and provides a positive link to take actions to mitigate the climate change impacts. Such impacts are connected with the level of greenhouse gas emissions which is commonly referred to as the business carbon footprint. Qatar Steel has effectively implemented the Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) scheme principles in response to this demand by following the management of sustainability aspects and responsible sourcing.

Established in 1974 as the first integrated iron and steel plant in the Arabian Gulf, over the past four decades Qatar Steel made a reputation as an established leader in the steel industry within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, with its steel going into the construction of buildings and structures all across the Middle East and North Africa and beyond. Qatar Steel is committed to improving the environmental, social, and economic impacts of its operations, throughout its supply chain. This commitment starts with the responsible use and sourcing of raw materials.

Qatar Steel is committed to quality and that is embedded in its routine business operations. It demonstrates both leadership and commitment that reflects highest quality of operational excellence fostering company’s reputation internationally.



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