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Libyan Iron and Steel Company resumes the sale of its rebar products

The Libyan Iron and Steel Company announced the resumption of sales of its products after a hiatus of more than two months.

The company’s local marketing department announced, in an announcement, the opening of the sale of rebar, according to the terms and prices approved by Resolution No. (140) for the year 2021, as follows:

Wholesale sale requires the customer to enhance his balance by an amount of three million before starting the transaction as of Thursday, corresponding to 9/23, 2021, provided that the withdrawal will take place starting from Sunday, corresponding to 9/26/2021, and to benefit from the value of the discount (3%), the customer must Withdrawing the entire quantity (2000) tons within a month at a rate of (20) working days.

• Sectoral sales to individuals and public entities, the quantity will be (30) tons and requires the submission of (a certified check or a financial deposit slip) to the company’s account with a value of (95,000) ninety-five thousand dinars. Corresponding to 27/9/2021, and the priority of withdrawal is according to the seniority of payment (according to the sequence of the financial receipt number).

The company explained that with regard to individuals, a check from the concerned account or a deposit slip is required, attached to the national number statement.

The company also noted that with regard to flat products, they will be announced later when the factories return to operation.



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