New Device and low-noise operation in plate turning from SMS group

Plate turnover devices are part of the equipment in heavy plate finishing lines. Our innovative X-Roll® MultiFlex-Turnover Device is characterized by low-noise operation, surface-friendly handling of the plates and by the expansion of the operating area.

The new plate turnover device in X-Roll® MultiFlex design combines proven and new functions to the maximum benefit of customers. In addition to low-noise operation, the focus is on surface-friendly handling of the plates and on the expansion of the operating area. Investing in the new X-Roll® MultiFlex-Turnover Device ensures safe handling of both, extremely thin as well as very thick plates and of a large product mix, with the option of being adapted to future requirements.

Whereas conventional plate turnover devices are designed to cover one plate thickness range with the turnover arms being arranged at a fixed distance to one another. This distance defines the maximum product thickness that can be turned. Hence, the manageable range of plate thicknesses is determined by the fixed distance between the turnover arms. Moreover, this distance is the crucial factor determining the maximum noise emissions generated during the turning process.

Thin plates tend to wobble in an uncontrolled manner from the lifting side to the receiving side in the gap between the turnover arms. The results can be marks and even defects on the plate surface due to the hard hits. This leads to inferior quality and causes time- and cost-consuming rework. In the case of critical materials, turning must be waived in some cases to avoid rejects, and a complex manual procedure has to be applied to check the bottom side. In addition the noise level is representing a considerable health risk to the operating staff in the plant.


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