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Hadeed Hama is marketing 1400 tons worth 413 million LS

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Hadeed Hama is marketing 1400 tons worth 413 million LS



The General Company for steel and steel products in Hama ( Hadeed Hama  ) announced the marketing of its entire production in the warehouses of rebar  ( 1400 tons ) to public sector entities worth 413 million LS.



The general manager of the company Eng. Ahmed Tanb said that the marketing of the company’s products came after the reduction of the price of tons of rebar from 305 thousand  LS to 295 thousand LS from the company’s land back of the car.



In order to be able to discharge and marketing this quantity exclusively to the public sector after communicating with them to purchase their needs of this product is certain that the specifications of the company’s products of all items conform to international standards and valid for all the work required by the public sector.



Eng. Ahmed Tanb explained that the company has raised the price of tons of billet 120/120 mm from 275 thousand pounds to 283 thousand pounds in line with market variables, explaining that the company has about 4000 tons , its warehouses and does not have a problem in marketing through Contact with a number of rolling mills that have expressed their willingness to buy this quantity.








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