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AISU chairman confirms the importance of vision of Kuwait 2035


AISU chairman confirms the importance of vision of Kuwait 2035



Chairman of Arab Iron and Steel Union Awaad Al-Khalidi confirmed the importance of the new vision of 2035 in creating a diversified diversified economy and making the country a promising country in the iron and steel industry.



This came in a statement made by Khalidi to Kuwait News Agency on Wednesday on the sidelines of the 52nd session of the General Assembly of Arab Iron and Steel Union and the 120th session of the Board of Directors.



He explained that the steel industry in the country contributes to reducing the gap between production and imports and increase national exports, which enhances the balance of trade with other countries as well as its social role in creating job opportunities for Kuwaiti citizens.



Al-Khalidi added that the industry is gaining great importance in the Arab countries because it is linked to the investment plans to be implemented by the Arab governments in the coming period.

He considered that the industry is a strong indicator of the economic and developmental progress of countries and is also one of the strategic industries protected by the superpowers.



As for the challenges faced by the Kuwaiti and Gulf steel companies, Khalidi said that they are represented by global conflicts on steel markets such as the imposition of tariffs on steel imports by the United States last March.



As for the importance of the Union in developing the capabilities of the human element in the industry, he stressed that the Union provides training and training of technical cadres and engineers by providing them with training courses to learn about the latest developments in modern technology for research and development.



He pointed out that the objectives of the Union are to assist members in developing the iron industry in the Arab countries and to cooperate and coordinate in the fields of this industry as well as to provide companies and institutions with technical, economic and trade information.



Al-Khalidi confirmed the importance of the meeting in light of the changes that have emerged in global iron markets after the United States decided to impose customs duties on imports of iron and steel, which were reflected in the economies of all countries without exception.



He pointed out the importance of coordination and cooperation in the light of the opening of global markets to achieve integration in this industry and face what is coming as a unified strategy.



The General Assembly approved the final budget of AISU and its agenda.



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