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Visit of the Minister of Industry, FERHAT AIT ALI, to the El Hadjar Complex

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Visit of the Minister of Industry, FERHAT AIT ALI, to the El Hadjar Complex




On July 6, 2020, The Minister of Industry, Mr FERHAT AIT Ali Braham, paid a visit to El Hadjar Complex, accompanied by an important delegation, where he was hosted by the Wali of Annaba, Mr Tarik Bouslama, Chairman and CEO of IMETAL Group and other personalities at Annaba Airport.



The Minister was welcomed at the headquarters of El Hadjar Complex with a hospitable speech was delivered to him by Mr Tarik BOUSLAMA, followed by a presentation, history and development plan of El Hadjar, given by its Director-General, Mr BELHADJ Rédha.



A development plan started in 2015 as its first phase is already completed, which is rolled out until 2023. The second phase is still in progress, relating to the rehabilitation of production equipment, including hot and cold rolling units, the oxygen station, the flat and long product manufacturing facilities for increasing production capacity.



Then, the Minister paid a visit to El Hadjar units, where he was given explanations on the activities of each unit using the example of PMA (Preparation of Materials and Agglomerate), Blast Furnace 2, and steelworks with oxygen, rolling mill for flat and long products.



In the afternoon, the Minister of Industry held a press conference, where issues for the future of the national industry were discussed, namely:



Sider El Hadjar Complex will be relying on solid foundations. With a new policy that obeys the production of steel at source, we will bring the reorientations and corrective measures necessary to its process and above all ensure the sustainability of its ore supply, from the mines of Boukhadra and Ouenza in Tébessa.

In its future, Sider El Hadjar must produce special steels.



The list of goods subject to the provisional additional safeguard duty (DAPS), which includes steel products manufactured in Algeria, will be announced shortly. Highly taxed, these products will thus be protected.



It will also be prohibited to import equipment for industries without a positive impact on the country’s strategic needs.




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