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US steel imports down 4.8% in May

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US steel imports down 4.8% in May




According to preliminary census data from the US Department of Commerce, US monthly steel imports in May 2021 decreased 4.8 % from April to total 2,280,949 mt. A year-on-year comparison shows a 38.8% increase.



In terms of value, US steel imports in May totaled $2.44 billion, compared to $2.40 billion in April and $1.42 billion in May 2020.

Top sources for US steel imports in May include: Canada, with 544,744 mt; Brazil, with 301,826 mt; Mexico, with 279,266 mt; Russia, with 206,939 mt; and Korea, with 167,192 mt.



By product group, semi-finished imports totaled 598,818 mt in May, down from 866,947 mt in April but up from 269,812 mt in May 2020. Flat product imports totaled 926,727 mt in May, up from 784,283 mt in April and 622,307 mt in May 2020. Long product imports totaled 392,349 mt in May, up from 373,720 mt in April and 361,525 mt in May 2020.



Pipe and tube imports totaled 297,126 mt in May, up from 291,952 mt in April but down from 339,219 mt in May 2020.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the US steel import market share in May 2021 was estimated at 20 percent, compared to 18% April and 19% year-to-date.


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