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The Minister of Industry meets the officials of Imetal Group

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The Minister of Industry meets the officials of Imetal Group



The Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zghdar, met today, Thursday, in Algiers, with officials of the iron and steel complex “Imetal Group”, where the situation of the complex and the problems faced by some of its branches were discussed, according to a ministry statement.



In this meeting, the minister received “full explanations about the reality of the complex and the problems in which some of its branches, led by “Sider El-Hadjar”, “Batimetal” and the National Zinc Company “Zinc”, are floundering, according to the same source.



Imetal officials also presented, according to the statement, their proposals and vision “to solve the problems at hand and enable these institutions to restore their balances and production capabilities.”



In his directives to the cadres of the complex, Zughdar stressed “the necessity of redoubling the efforts made to get out, as soon as possible, these institutions from the crises they have been experiencing for several years.”



In this regard, Zaghdar instructed the preparation of an “urgent action plan” that includes solutions to all the recorded imbalances and allows the complex to achieve productivity and profitability that would increase the national production of iron and its derivatives and reduce Algeria’s import bill of these materials.



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