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US steel exports up 4.9 percent in June

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US steel exports up 4.9 percent in June



According to export data from the US Department of Commerce, monthly steel exports in June 2021 increased 4.9 percent from May to total 705,578 mt. A year-on-year comparison shows a 74.6 percent increase. In terms of value, US steel exports in June totaled $1.09 billion, compared to $1.04 billion in May and $565.2 million in June 2020.



Steel exports to Canada in June increased 16.9 percent to 339,499 mt, and increased 63.4 percent from June 2020. Exports to Mexico decreased 1.0 percent month-on-month to 328,146 mt, which is up 120.5 percent from the same month a year ago.



Other top destinations for US steel exports in June include: Brazil, with 3,159 mt; China, with 3,116 mt; Pakistan, with 2,448 mt; India, with 2,042 mt; and Dominican Republic, with 1,955 mt.



Major steel products exported in June include HDG, at 116,357 mt; cut-length plates, at 93,059 mt; hot rolled sheets, at 58,675 mt; cold rolled sheets, at 47,929 mt; and plates in coil, at 42,735 mt.



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