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Exempting 115 developing countries from Gulf iron and steel import Tariffs

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The Arab Gulf states have excelled about 115 developing countries from the import duties of the Gulf iron and steel, which was implemented in early May for a period of three years.


The sources pointed out that the Arab Gulf states stipulated in accordance with the unified anti-dumping system and countervailing and preventive measures of the Gulf states and its executive regulations, that these duties would not apply to the imports of the product under investigation originating in developing countries whose share does not exceed 3% Countries accounted for 9 percent of total Gulf imports.


According to the sources, the duties imposed on the form of a specific value per ton will be added to the applicable tariffs, which will apply in the first year $ 169 per ton, while the fee will gradually decrease so that the value of the fee will be $ 153 and $ 137 for the second and third years, respectively.