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13th Arab Steel Summit


In light of the difficult challenges facing the world and Arab steel industry and unstable international and regional conditions due to recent US-imposed tariffs and strong reactions from countries and international organizations to countermeasures and measures, this industry has become more important not only economically but also At the political level.

Therefore, it was necessary to meet the heads of Arab steel companies and experts to study these conditions and their impact on the companies and economies of Arab countries.

AISU is guarding a future outlook after 2020, Which will witness the completion of several major projects in the Arab countries.  AISU will organize the Arab Steel Summit 2018 under the slogan “Arab Steel Industry after 2020” in Amman / Jordan in November 2018.

The convention of this important event will be a meeting for many Arab and world companies, steel industry experts, technologies holders and the interested people in this industry of investors, businessmen.

Concurrently with the Arab Steel Summit 2018, AISU will organize ” The International Iron and Steel Exhibition 2018″ which will provide a suitable environment for the companies to exhibit their iron and steel products or the innovations and latest technological solutions which help in developing the productivity of the iron and steel industry, in addition to its being the appropriate opportunity for the meeting of producers with the firms and companies active in the field of the iron and steel trade.

Main Topics:

  • The prospects of the steel industry after 2020.
  • Opportunities and trends of investment in this industry in the Arab region.
  • Investment opportunities in value added steel in Arab countries.
  • The New technologies and their role in the development of steel production.
  • The role of sustainable development in the steel industry.
  • Trends of growth and development in the steel industry and steel markets in  a number of regions in the world.
  • The Arab steel markets: Trends of import and export.
  • The Impacts of oil and gas prices changes on the development of investments in the steel industry.
  • Raw materials and their impact on the future growth of the steel industry.
  • Consolidation and merger in the world steel industry and their impact on the Arab steel markets.

Who will attend ?

  • Arab and international organizations
  • The companies producing steel long products.
  • The companies producing steel flat products.
  • The companies producing steel pipes.
  • The companies producing the raw materials and accessories of the iron & steel industry.
  • Iron and steel related machinery and plant makers.
  • Steel traders ( imports and exporters).
  • Oil and gas companies.
  • Iron and steel-using companies
  • Technology and equipment suppliers.
  • Consultants, analysts.
  • R&D Establishment.
  • Investors and businessmen

AISU welcomes your effective participation in “The Arab Steel Summit 2018” and invites you to contribute by presenting working papers reflecting your points of view and experiences to what is related to the development of this industry at both regional and world levels. We also welcome your recommendations for making this meeting a forum for exchanging opinions about whatever serves the development of this industry, its integration and continued growth on all production, commercial and marketing scales.

We invite you to:

•  Participate in the Arab Steel Summit 2018.
• Take part in the sponsorship of the Arab Steel Summit 2018.
• Book your place in the World Steel Exhibition 2018.

• Present a Working paper to the Arab Steel Summit 2018.

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