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The ministers of military production and the business sector discuss cooperation to establish a police silicon production plant

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The ministers of military production and the business sector discuss cooperation to establish a police silicon production plant


Minister of Military Production, Dr Mohamed Said Al-Assar, discussed with the Minister of Public Works, Dr. Hisham Tawfiq, accompanied by a delegation of the Mineral Holding Company of the Ministry of Business and the Egyptian Company for Ferroalloys, to establish a polysilicon production plant, which is one of the stages of the production of solar panels of sand is, and discuss aspects of cooperation between the two ministries to promote the national industry.

The storm during the meeting on permanent cooperation between the ministry and the public sector to achieve integration for industry advancement The company welcomes the presence of the Egyptian Company for Ferrous Ferroalloys, which in the manufacture of Ferro Silicon and Silica Powder in Egypt and the Middle East were. It insisted that it utilizes its major industrial potential to participate in the implementation of the solar panel project starting from the sand in cooperation with the foreign company. It is based on five phases, from the removal of pure Egyptian quartz by the production of silicon metal and polysilicon in the manufacture of solar panels and panels.

The «cyclone» pointed to the need to open Ava A new cooperation between the two ministries to invest the technological and technical capabilities of the various military production companies, which the ministry has its energy in implementing of national projects and development projects in the country invested in cooperation with ministries and agencies and bodies.

Tawfiq expressed its confidence in the Ministry of Military Production and what it means to contribute In support of the national industry and the introduction of state-of-the-art technology within its subsidiaries to the part of the local component involved in its production used to increase.

He pointed out that the Egyptian Ferroalloys Company is one of the leading companies in the Middle East. It is the largest integrated industrial center for the production of ferrosilicon alloys for the proximity of sources of power generation and sources of pure quartz, which makes its current location an environment suitable for implementing one of the basic stages of the project.

Tawfik has expressed the possibility that cooperation between military production and business during the development of the Delta Steel Company and the two parties has agreed to establish a high level committee of the two parties to learn how to co-operate working in the development of the company «Delta Steel», as well as the establishment of the first phase of the implementation of the project to manufacture solar panels of sand.








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