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Suez Steel


Suez Steel





Solb Misr is an Egyptian Steel Group producing a wide range of steel by-products, semi-finished, finished and downstream steel, in keeping with international standards.
The Group operates through an integrated steel complex that produces steel from raw material. It is comprised of a Direct Reduction Plant, 2 melting shops and 4 rolling mills, all located in the Suez area.
With a total capacity of 2 million tons of steel per year, the Group’s annual production includes 1.5 million tons of finished products.
Through its collaboration with top-notch equipment and raw material suppliers, Solb Misr offers infallible quality to its customers.
Solb Misr is aware that steel is a fast-moving industry. As such, the Company established a policy of ongoing investment in its plants and human resources to ensure that its capabilities keep pace with evolving market demands. Such commitment to improvement has made Solb Misr the go-to steel supplier for local and regional clients.
Today, Solb Misr has earned a reputation for being a company of dedicated professionals committed to quality products, efficient processes and continuous development.





contact us :

Adabeyah Road, Attaka, Suez, Egypt. PO Box 35

Tel: +2 (06)23 2308 03, 23 2308 05, 23 2308 07,23 2308 08

Fax: +2(06) 23 2308 00

website : http://www.solbmisr.com/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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