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Arab Steel Summit Invites for Cooperation and Integration

Arab Steel Summit Invites for Cooperation and Integration



The Arab Steel Summit, which was held in Tunis this year, gained great importance amid the presence of a large number of Arab and foreign steel companies representing steel producers, ministries, consultants, analysts, major investors and steel technology suppliers.





In this summit, a lot of facts were presented about iron and steel industry in the Arab countries, and we learned that Arab companies are able to compete in the Arab and foreign markets, despite the support that the foreign product clearly receives from their countries.



Also, many research and investment ideas that were put into the development of the iron and steel industry, whether raw materials, technology, or final products, were presented.



In addition to working papers that show the ability of companies and research centers to Arab cooperation, especially in mining, in Libya, Mauritania, Jordan and The necessity of exploiting the capabilities of Arab steel companies that have achieved rapid growth during the past years to meet the increasing demand for steel products, especially in the construction sector, and their success in making the Arab markets witness a gradual self-sufficiency of traditional steel products.



Nevertheless, we find that the percentage of steel production in the Arab countries compared to the world’s production is small, and therefore the appropriate climate must be created and encouraged to invest in the iron and steel industry and work to provide raw materials from iron ore pellets and other operating requirements through deepening the mining industry and exploiting the mining potential in the Arab countries In the presence of a group of experts and research centers in this field.



Investors should be interested in scientific research that serves the iron and steel industry and permanent work to develop its products to be able to cover the needs of advanced future industries.



Therefore, it is necessary to think outside the scope of traditional products and work to increase the production of steel with high added value that is used in engineering industries and industries with advanced technologies, especially with the near completion of the largest base projects in the Arab countries.



We must not all wait for governments to take the initiative to make cooperation and partnership decisions. Rather, we must be the initiators.



We look at the economic and industrial cooperation between the Arab countries, especially in the field of iron and steel industry, as a necessity and not a luxury at the present time. Whereas, the new rules that govern the global economy no longer allow unilateral action but rather unite efforts and the establishment of strong economic blocs that give more impetus to development and competition.



Arab governments have begun to pay attention to this industry by issuing some positive measures and legislations that help the development of the national industry, and we hope for more support, not only by issuing the necessary legislation to protect this strategic industry but through direct support such as energy and indirect support through logistical support necessary to facilitate the process of transportation and export, and so on.



As a union, we are working on studying all ideas and proposals presented at the conference so that we can meet next year with real partnership projects at the Arab Steel Summit 2020 that will be under the slogan of integration and cooperation in the Arab steel industry in the coming year, God willing, in the city of Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.



Dr. Kamel Djoudi