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Arab Steel Magazine 45 years of Achievements

Arab Steel Magazine 45 years of Achievements



The 13th Arab Steel Summit coincides with the issuance of Issue No. 500 of the Arab Steel Magazine. The Arab Iron and Steel Union issued the first issue of the magazine in 1973, 45 years ago.


It is the first monthly magazine specialized in the iron and steel industry in the Arab world. It is the only magazine in the world published in Arabic and English to document the most important news, statistics and reports. It also includes studies and research of interest to the steel industry in the Arab countries and summaries of working papers for conferences organized by the Union and international conferences In the iron and steel industry.



ِAISU also encouraged experts from the Arab steel industry to present studies and present the latest steel industry technologies and publish them in the Arab Steel Magazine to benefit as many Arab companies as possible.



AISU has not only issued a paper version but has also made sure to communicate daily with the Arab steel companies and all those interested in the steel industry through a special site that is interested in the news related to the iron and steel industry in the Arab world and the world, statistics, reports and events organized by the Union.



Arab Iron and Steel Union has been concerned with the issue of the main problems facing the Arab steel industry ,Such as dumping and the protection of national products in the Arab countries. Some Arab countries have issued several laws and legislations in this matter from the imposition of fees or quantification or the development of specific technical obligations and specifications , AISU works with all its means to achieve its fundamental objective of developing and developing the Arab steel industry.



In the past years, AISU has made several recommendations urging Arab governments to impose effective measures to protect the steel industry in Arab countries , As well as taking the necessary measures in the face of unfair trade practices of dumping, subsidy or unjustified increase in imports.



AISU has also encouraged mergers to create large entities that are better able to compete in regional and international markets. The steel industry is a strategic industry that is a national symbol and an integral manifestation of the concept of political independence through joint Arab integration.



In the face of these challenges, which are dynamic and unstable, AISU finds itself in constant contact with the changes in the development of the fast-moving steel industry, especially with regard to local markets and international price fluctuations through constant consultation and exchange of views with member companies and those interested in the steel industry to overcome these Challenges.



Arab Iron and Steel Union hopes for more success for the iron and steel industry as an investigator of the national Objectives pursued by the Arab countries.



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